Police: Woman allegedly hit man with frozen steak

Police in the southern Louisiana city of Houma say a woman upset over her lack of freezer space allegedly hit her boyfriend in the face with a frozen beefsteak.

Police told The Courier newspaper that 47-year-old Edith Tassin — also known as Edith Verdin — was booked with aggravated battery against 51-year-old Jerry Voisin. Authorities say she has since been released on bond.

Police say Voisin called police on Sunday evening and told them Tassin was trying to cool a mixed drink and became upset when it woudn't fit in the freezer.

Police say Voisin was bleeding from the right side of his face when officers arrived.

Neither Tassin nor Voisin were listed in directory assistance and Tassin had not been assigned a public defender as of Monday.


Information from: The Courier, http://www.houmatoday.com