Police: Unprovoked woman stabs dog walking with owner

Authorities say a woman stabbed a dog walking with his owner in a Baltimore park.

Detective Nicole Monroe says the 2-year-old, 30-pound (14-kilo) terrier mix named Clawd was on a retraction leash Wednesday morning in Patterson Park, a popular dog-walking venue.

Monroe says the owner took his eyes off Clawd for a minute and heard the dog yelp. He told police he saw a woman, unprovoked, stabbing Clawd.

The owner says the woman had a small white dog with her. Monroe says her identity is unknown, but police are looking for her because they want to talk to her about what happened.

Pictures of Clawd that appear in a police news release show him with a puncture wound on a leg, and scratches on his muzzle. He's expected to recover.