New Jersey police are still looking for about $300,000 just days after more than half a million dollars fell out of the back of an armored truck.

A Brink’s armored truck traveling on a highway in East Rutherford near Metlife Stadium Thursday suffered a mechanical issue which prompted a rear door to open. Police say two bags of cash fell out, one contained $140,000 and the other had $370,000.

The impact of the bags hitting the ground while the car was in motion caused the plastic bags to open up, making the cash airborne because of the wind and traffic.

The swirling cash led drivers to stop their vehicles and hop out on the highway to gather the money. There were two car crashes as a result, according to police, though it's unclear if anyone was injured.

Brink workers were able to recover about $205,000 with the help of motorists. Five people turned in $11,000.

About $294,000 is still missing. Police ask anyone with video of the frenzy to contact them.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.