Police say man accused in foiled Utah kidnapping attempt made bizarre comments after arrest

A police officer has testified that a man accused of trying to kidnap a young Utah girl from her bedroom rambled on after his arrest about drug cartels, the FBI and voices coming from a radio.

The testimony by Sandy Police Detective Robert Webb came Wednesday during an evidentiary hearing where a judge determined there is sufficient evidence to send 48-year-old Troy Morley to trial on a felony child kidnapping charge stemming from the Nov. 7 incident.

Outside court, Morley's father Gary Stokes apologized on his son's behalf to Stephanie and Aaron Edson, the mother and father of the young girl. Stokes said his son was slipped drugs and didn't know what he was doing at the time.

The Edsons, who woke up in time to get their daughter back, accepted the apology but said Morley must face the consequences for his actions.