Several local and state police officers are accused of regularly paying for sex with prostitutes at three spas in the Boston area, in an illicit enterprise that was allegedly covered up by authorities, MyFoxBoston.com reports.

When asked how many police officers were customers, a former employer of one of the spas told the station: "I couldn't even tell you. There's so many. If I had to ballpark it? Maybe 30."

The employee, who worked for spa owner Terry Mussari until police last month raided her premises in Brockton, Norwood and Canton, said customers would pay for a legitimate massage and then tip employees in the private rooms for sex.

She claims she repeatedly complained to local and state authorities about police officers going to the spa for sex, but that for years the complaints were ignored.

"It was kept hush-hush because it involved police officers," she told the station. "It's not about what the girls did. It's how everything was gone about, the coverup at the police stations."

Norwood police say they investigated all complaints about the spa, and in April 2009 requested the assistance of the attorney general's office but found no evidence of prostitution.

State Police Trooper David Lemar was suspended without pay over the accusations.

The spa employee said Lemar used to go to the spa for sex while on duty.

"He would leave his car idled out back or out front and run in while he's on duty," she said.

"Other troopers would come in with him that were buddies of him. In full uniform, on duty to go and get a massage. He's supposed to be out protecting and serving and doing his job. And he's in the other room getting sex."

Lemar admitted to the station that he was a longtime customer of one of Mussari's businesses, Aria Day Spa in Brockton, but denies doing anything illegal.

Mussari pleaded not guilty to a charge of deriving support from prostitution.

In response to the investigation, a police spokesman said federal, state and local police took immediate action when they could.

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Accusations of Police Coverup at Local Spas Allegedly Offering Sex: MyFoxBOSTON.com