Michigan police say a 74-year-old grandmother murdered her 17-year-old grandson as he made a frantic 911 call.

Sandra Layne, a former teacher with no criminal history, is charged in the fatal shooting of Jonathan Hoffman on Friday evening with a Glock semi-automatic handgun.

Police said that when they arrived at Layne's home in Bloomfield Township, she answered the door still holding the weapon and told officers she had just "murdered her grandson."

Detective Brad Boulet told a court hearing Monday that, "At approximately the three-minute mark of the 911 call, the subject screamed and exclaimed that he had just been shot again. Responding officers heard several gunshots inside the house."

Authorities confirmed Hoffman had around eight entry or exit wounds and two bullets in his body. He was pronounced dead at Botsford Hospital.

He moved in with his grandmother six months ago after his parents moved to Scottsdale, Ariz. Police said they had a volatile relationship and that officers were called to the home in another domestic incident in March.

MyFoxDetroit.com reported that Layne's attorney, Mitch Ribitwer, told the court, "This young man's been in trouble and apparently my understanding is there were narcotics apparently in the house and some other drugs."

Hoffman was given a suspended jail sentence after he pleaded guilty to possession of drugs following an arrest on March 17.

Layne has five children and nine grandchildren and has been married for 28 years.

She was charged with murder and felony firearm possession and was held without bond. She is due back in court next week. A funeral for Hoffman will take place on Tuesday.

Newscore contributed to this report.