Police hunt for arsonist who torched New Jersey playground for kids with special needs

New Jersey police were searching for a suspect who allegedly torched a playground for children with special needs Wednesday.

The playground went up in flames at around 6 p.m. at the Matthew Jago School #28 in Woodbridge, officials said. Firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly and no injuries were reported.

THe special needs playground was set alight Wednesday.

THe special needs playground was set alight Wednesday. (Port Reading Fire Company #1)

“It's just heartbreaking. My daughter was crying in the back of the car ‘what are the kids gonna do in fall when school starts’ just very upset,” an unidentified parent told WABC-TV.

The playground was built in 2008 and is designed for children of all ages with special needs, skills and experiences.

“There are 60 different pieces of equipment that are all handicapped-accessible. A kid in a wheelchair can get up on the apparatus. It is just a fantastic place,” Mayor John McCormac told WABC.

Woodbridge police posted photos of the charred playground on Facebook and asked those with any information to contact Det. Jorge Quesada or the main police phone number.