A bomb squad has detonated a cache of explosives found in a California home after authorities say a San Jose man, accused by a neighbor of shooting off guns in his backyard, was arrested on a suspicion of making criminal threats.

The discovery of the homemade bombs, along with several firearms and ammunition, at the home of Mark Sedlock, 63, led authorities to evacuate an entire neighborhood block Tuesday afternoon.

Police said four improvised explosive devices were found after Sedlock's arrest, and they were detonated after investigators and bomb squad technicians determined the safest way to dispose of the material was to set it off it at the property.

Another search later Tuesday turned up a second set of four explosives, which were also detonated.

Pacific Gas & Electric shut off Sedlock's utilities after the initial police search.

No injuries were reported.

Authorities surrounded a 3-foot dug hole they dug in Sedlock's front yard with sand bags piled 3 feet high. From the hole, they set off the explosives, sending loud gunshot-like blasts and smoke into the neighborhood, the San Jose Mercury News reported (http://bit.ly/puQe3e ).

The ordeal lasted into the night and drew spectators, some of whom brought lawn chairs to watch.

Police said Sedlock has been booked into the Santa Clara County Jail on suspicion of making criminal threats, eight counts of explosives violations, and firearms and ammunition violations.

His next door neighbor Tiffany Mays told the Mercury News that she filed a police report that had tipped off officers, saying she and others witnessed the suspect consistently shooting firearms in his backyard.

"He carried his guns around, bragging about his AK," Mays said.

Residents were allowed to return to their homes around 11 p.m.