Texas police investigating the murder of Dallas dentist Kendra Hatcher are eyeing her boyfriend’s ex-lover, according to affidavits filed Wednesday requesting search warrants related to the case.

Police haven’t yet charged the unidentified 33-year-old woman, reportedly a dental hygienist, but they have interviewed her, searched her apartment and seized a notebook computer, WFAA reported. The woman “ended a two-year relationship with [Hatcher’s] current boyfriend earlier this year,” according to an affidavit cited by WFAA.

The ex-girlfriend came to the attention of investigators after a break in the case during the weekend. Cops arrested Crystal Cortes, 23, and charged her with capital murder in Hatcher’s killing.

Police say Cortes admitted to conspiring with the ex-girlfriend in a plot to rob Hatcher, 35. Cortes allegedly told cops she was paid $500 to drive an unidentified male suspect to the parking garage at Hatcher’s Gable Park 17 apartment building in a borrowed jeep on Sept. 2. She then watched as the male shot and robbed Hatcher, before the pair fled.

Cortes also told police that the ex-girlfriend tracked Hatcher’s movements prior to the robbery attempt via an iPhone, according to information in warrants cited by WFAA.

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    Cops were led to Cortes when they released security footage of the jeep she was driving. The jeep’s owner saw a news report on the case and contacted police, telling them he had loaned the vehicle to the ex-girlfriend. When interviewed by authorities, she said she loaned the jeep to Cortes.

    The ex-girlfriend previously had been charged with speeding and failure to have valid car insurance, according to the Dallas Morning News. She was arrested Saturday on a traffic warrant several hours after Cortes’ arrest and after cops obtained a warrant to search her apartment, the News reported. But cops released her from the Dallas County Jail later that night.