A powerful storm unleashed flooding and strong winds, which resulted in widespread power outages and travel disruptions, in the northeastern United States from Sunday to Monday.

The storm was a combination of tropical moisture from Philippe and a non-tropical system that converged on the Northeast. However, the main circulation from Philippe remained just off the coast.

Wind gusts reached hurricane-force (74 mph) in parts of New England. Gusts of 82 mph were measured in Mashpee, Massachusetts, and 78 mph just off the coast of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at Isle of Shoals.

The smell of sap was in the air due to the amount of broken tree branches in New England.

At one time, close to 1 million utility customers were without power as falling tree limbs and whole trees took out power lines.

Strong winds and soggy soil contributed to train disruptions in the New York City suburbs.

Many areas across the Northeast received between 2 to 6 inches of rain from the storm.

The rain not only saturated NFL fans attending games, but also caused street and highway flooding in the mid-Atlantic.

Enough rain fell and ran off into area streams and rivers to lead to minor flooding in parts of New England and upstate New York. In parts of Pennsylvania, some small streams approached bankfull.

The storm also brought the first snow of the season to parts of the Appalachian Mountains, accumulating several inches at higher elevations.