A 13-year-old Philadelphia boy arrested in several armed-robbery attempts is reportedly “very comfortable” being in police custody.

The boy, known as “Jon-Jon,” confessed to pulling a gun on at least five people in the area of Chestnut Street between 46th and 47th streets this week, including a reporter for the Philadelphia Daily News, the newspaper reports.

"No matter how much experience you have as a detective, it's still strange to hear a kid who just turned 13 years old confessing to gunpoint robberies, you know?" Detective Joe Murray told the newspaper.

The boy has been arrested twice for robbery and cited for disorderly conduct, but police officials still hope he can be put on the right track with another trip to juvenile detention and counseling.

"He's a little too comfortable back there in a holding cell," said Detective Freddie Mole after Jon-Jon was identified by four victims. "He's not scared. He's sleeping. He's very comfortable being in custody."

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