A Pennsylvania high school student said Saturday she was tossed out of her prom because she wore a suit rather than a dress.

WHTM-TV reported Aniya Wolf, who is a lesbian, wore a shirt and pants for all three years she attended Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg. Her mother, Carolyn Wolf, said the family received a last-minute email saying girls were to wear dresses to attend prom on Friday.

Carolyn Wolf said she didn't think the dress code barred her daughter from wearing a suit and the last-minute message was unfair because they had bought a new suit. Aniya said she decided to go to the prom anyway but was thrown out.

The school said in a statement that the dress code was sent to parents three months ago specifying girls must wear formal dresses, and those who didn’t follow the rules would not be admitted. A reminder was sent to parents on May 6, the school said.

"Bishop McDevitt will continue to practice acceptance and love for all of our students. They are tremendous young men and women," the school said. "We simply ask that they follow the rules that we have put into place."

Aniya Wolf told the station that she is very accepted by her classmates, but school officials made her feel like “a mistake.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.