Every Christian has the ability to become closer to Jesus through the act of baptism, Pastor Perry Noble says.

Noble, who oversees NewSpring Church in Anderson, South Carolina, said in his most recent sermon that his church is betting that all Christians have "what it takes to follow Jesus."

Although it's easy for a Christian to make excuses, such as "I can't follow Christ […] I can't read my Bible […] I can't pray," Noble tells his congregation that he believes each and every person has the ability to make their next step in their walk with Christ.

Noble adds that "your next step is your best step," calling on all Christians to seek out baptism as their next major move in their growing faith.

He uses the example of wearing a football jersey, saying that it is important that you wear the jersey of the team that you think is best for you.

"Baptism is putting on the jersey of the one who is invested in me," Noble says, suggesting that Jesus wants us as Christians to "go public [and] put on the jersey" of His "Jesus" team.

Additionally, the pastor tells his congregation that baptism serves as an "an outward profession of an inner connection" with Jesus.

Noble points specifically to multiple Scripture passages that speak on the importance of baptism, including Matthew 3:13-17, which details Jesus' journey from Galilee to Jordan to be baptized.

As the verse notes, John tried to dissuade Jesus from baptism, saying: "'I need to be baptized by you, and do you come to me?'"

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