Passenger on Chicago train gets doused with chemicals

Chicago police reportedly arrested a man riding a Chicago Transit Authority train during rush hour Thursday after they said he doused another passenger with chemicals and sparked a small fire.

The Chicago Tribune reported that a 26-year-old woman was on a southbound Red Line train when she was splashed with liquid from a water bottle. She reportedly said the liquid smelled like paint thinner.

Another passenger reportedly told her that he had seen the man setting the car’s seats on fire. At the next stop in the Uptown neighborhood, the train operator ordered the passengers off.

The incident drew a response from police and fire officials at about 5:20p.m. An unidentified man was arrested and was taken to Weiss memorial Hospital for treatment.

The victim was identified as Leora Arsers who did not suffer serious injuries, the report said. She appeared to be in good spirits and told the paper, “every Chicagoan needs a CTA story and now I’ve got mine.”