Police arrested a parolee who went through an emergency exit at the San Diego airport and boarded a commuter jet bound for Los Angeles, officials said Wednesday.

The man walked off the Sky West aircraft on Tuesday after a flight attendant did a head count, San Diego port spokeswoman Marguerite Elicone told The Associated Press. Police waiting outside arrested him.

"There wasn't a struggle or anything," Elicone said. "The suspect voluntarily walked off once she noticed there was one extra passenger."

Marc Rory Duncan, 38, was taken to the San Diego County jail, and the 11:16 a.m. flight took off at 1:05 p.m. after the 27 passengers went through additional security screening, officials said.

It was unclear why the parolee from Juneau, Alaska, sneaked aboard the flight only hours after he was released from jail. He had served time for theft, Elicone said. She had no other details on the man.

She said Duncan was arrested within six minutes after he walked through the emergency doors, setting off an alarm. The doors opened out onto the tarmac and Duncan was able to blend in with other passengers to get on to the commuter flight.

Duncan was scheduled to be arraigned Thursday on a parole violation and on charges of avoiding airport screening and entering an airport operations area without permission, according to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.