Parole revoked for convicted killer found in Arizona decades after skipping out of Montana

DEER LODGE, Mont. (AP) — The state Board of Pardons and Parole has revoked the parole of a 78-year-old convicted killer who skipped out on supervision 38 years ago.

The board decided Friday to hold Frank Dryman at the Montana State Prison. He can seek another parole hearing in five years.

Dryman was arrested March 23 in Arizona City, Ariz., where — under the name Victor H. Houston — he was running a wedding chapel and working as a notary public.

He was convicted in the 1951 death of Clarence Pellett, who had picked up Dryman as a 19-year-old drifter caught in a snowstorm in northern Montana. Dryman was paroled in 1969 after serving 15 years in prison. Three years later, he disappeared.

The grandson of the victim tracked Dryman down.