Parents of Texas teen in 'affluenza' drunk driving case to pay fraction of treatment costs

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The parents of a Texas teen who was convicted of intoxication manslaughter for a 2013 crash that killed four people and injured others will only pay for less than two days per month of his rehab treatment at a state hospital.

Ethan Couch avoided jail and was sentenced to probation and time in a rehab facility after a defense expert said the teen suffered from “affluenza,” a condition that affects children from wealthy families who have a sense of entitlement and make bad decisions, reported.

At a hearing Friday, North Texas State Hospital, where the 16-year-old is receiving treatment, recommended the teen’s parents be ordered to pay a maximum of $1,170 per month, less than two days per month of treatment, reported.

The facility reportedly said it evaluated Couch’s parents and determined what they should pay based on a sliding scale.

The rest of the Couch’s costs will reportedly be covered by a mixture of funds including taxpayer dollars.

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