Parents of bullies face fines in Wisconsin school district

Parents of bullies in a Wisconsin will face fines if police confirm that their child bullied another child, reported Tuesday.

The station reported that, under the ordinance passed two weeks ago by Shawano’s city council, parents of bullies will be alerted by authorities that their child was bullying. They will have 90 days to remedy the situation or face a $366 fine. In the event of another instance of bullying, they could face a $681 fine.

Some parents questioned how the ordinance will be enforced and raise the theory that some bullying could be subjective.

Police point to a handful of other cities that claim a positive impact of similar ordinances.

“We feel without getting the parent involved, just giving a ticket or fining someone out of this isn’t the answer,” Mark Kohl, the head of the Shawano Police Department told the station.