Police in Philadelphia are looking to arrest two parents who they say entered an elementary school and attacked ten students, two teachers and a police officer.

The parents, whose identities were not revealed, entered Jay Cooke Elementary on Tuesday with a teenager during an awards ceremony for honor students, school spokesman Fernando Gallard told the Philadelphia Daily News.

But instead of attending the assembly, the parents and the teen went to the third floor of the building and ignored a school police officer’s request to sign in, sparking a confrontation. Gallard said the parents admitted that they entered the school to fight two students, but did not elaborate.

In the ensuing melee that happened in between classes, students, the two teachers and a police officer were punched and thrown into lockers, police told MyFoxPhilly.com.

Gallard said the fighters suffered minor bumps and bruises and no students were injured.

However, Debbie Hayes, the mother of a 15-year-old student, told MyFoxPhilly.com that her daughter suffered a concussion and had her hair ripped out.

"It is a shock when you hear about adults basically breaking into a school and making their way to a classroom to assault minors," Gallard said.

District officials said detectives and police have identified the two parents and the teenager who started the brawl.

Philadelphia police are awaiting approval on a warrant to arrest the parents, police spokeswoman Tanya Little told the Philadelphia Daily News on Wednesday. It is unclear whether the teenager is being sought for arrest.