Outrage as Girl Is Suspended From School Over Bin Laden Facebook Post

CONCORD, N.H. -- A New Hampshire woman has spoken of her outrage after her 13-year-old daughter was suspended from school over a Facebook post in which said she wished Usama bin Laden killed her math teacher, WCVB-TV reported Wednesday.

Kimberly Dell'isola's daughter was suspended for five days from Rundlett Middle School in Concord after posting the comment about the Al Qaeda leader, who was shot dead when U.S. Navy SEALs stormed his Pakistan compound on May 2.

Dell'isola said she agreed that the post was offensive but thought the punishment was extreme and her daughter was entitled to free speech.

"In hindsight, she's mortified that she said that, but she's a 13-year-old kid," Dell'isola said.

Dell'isola said she usually monitors her daughter's use of the social networking website but found out about the post when she received a phone call from the school's principal. She said a parent of one of the girl's friends reported the comment.

The concerned mother was urging the school to remove her daughter from class and give her a private math tutor instead of the suspension.

"You are denying her an education based on something she did at home. That's my business, not your business," Dell'isola said.

Principal Tom Sica refused to comment due to student privacy rights.