Police in the Willamette Valley community of Cottage Grove, Oregon, say a 52-year-old woman missing for a week has been found alive in a pit in a wooded area.

KEZI-TV reports the woman survived without food and with only a little water, living through a fierce snowstorm that hit late last week.

Corporal Conrad Gagner says police decided to search an area called Mount David on Thursday, after a relative said the woman liked to go there. Officers had searched other areas earlier.

Gagner says the woman was conscious and responsive. She told her rescuers she went to the woods last Friday for some solitude, got stuck in the pit and couldn't climb out because it was too slippery.

She says she used a plastic bag to collect water to drink.

Gagner says the woman was taken to a hospital in nearby Springfield. Her condition was not available late Thursday. Police did not release her name.