Oregon stolen car suspect picked up by fake Lyft driver in another stolen car, cops say

A suspect who abandoned a stolen car was picked up by a driver in another stolen car that had a glowing sign for the Lyft ride-sharing service, according to police.

Gresham officers spotted a stolen vehicle near Southeast 162nd and Stark Street at 12:15 a.m. Thursday. The car later was found abandoned near 162nd and Burnside Street.

Officers surrounded the area. A few minutes later they spotted a vehicle entering the area with an illuminated Lyft sign.

The driver of that car was picking up a man who matched the description of the suspect driving the first stolen car.

Officers stopped the second car and determined the woman behind the wheel was not a Lyft driver and the car she was driving was also stolen.

The passenger in the second car was identified as the driver from the first car.

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