‘Operation Shower’: Pro golfers honor military moms-to-be with baby gifts

Some of professional golf's biggest names paid tribute to a group of expectant military wives this week, offering the moms-to-be a clubhouse full of baby gear.

A special military mission was under way at the Barclay's PGA Tour at Liberty National Golf Course in New Jersey this week -- one that honored 40 mothers and expectant mothers whose husbands are deployed overseas.

"Operation Shower," now in its sixth year, was founded by Leann Morrissey and to date has hosted 1,600 military mothers all across the country.

"Our primary goal is always to just say 'thank you'... To let them know that their country loves them and is proud of them," Morrissey told Fox News.

There is no shortage of generosity from the sponsors at the PGA Tour -- attended by such pros like Phil Mickelson. Every mom in attendance receives a car seat, stroller and baby bedding.

"To bring them here and to give them this incredible baby shower and lavish them with gifts, which they'll need for their newborn baby, is really a thrill," said David Pillsbury, president of PGA Tour course properties.

For women who sacrifice so much, it is no surprise the mothers-to-be were humbled by such kindness.

"It's overwhelming," one expectant mother told Fox News. "It's overwhelming because you don't think you deserve it."