Omaha woman launches campaign to support police officers

An Omaha woman whose husband is a police officer has started a letter-writing campaign to support members of law enforcement and their families.

Kathleen McCallister told the Omaha World-Herald that her fear of her husband's safety has increased in the past few months as officers have been attacked nationwide.

"It's a different lifestyle," McCallister said. "There's things you don't always anticipate, just off the radar."

McCallister is encouraging residents to write letters during September and send them to Embrace Blue, a group formed under the Fraternal Order of Police Association. Embrace Blue will send the well-wishes across the Omaha Police Department.

"He has always been eager to serve everyone," McCallister said of her husband, Michael McGee.

Cody Kanger whose father, Lt. Ken Kanger, works for the Omaha Police Department, also wrote a letter for the campaign.

"I can remember the ring tone on his work phone all too well, going off on our way to a family party, just sitting down for dinner, or even in the middle of the night," Cody Kanger wrote in his letter.

"Not once did Dad hesitate to do what was necessary, even if that meant going in after a few hours of rest on New Year's Eve knowing full well the call would require several days' work."

People are also able to donate small items that officers will give to children while on patrol in an effort to promote the department's mission of community policing.

"Omaha is great, but we want to make it better," said McCallister, who has served on the Douglas County Board, the Nebraska State Board of Education and the Omaha Public Schools board.

More information about the program will be announced at a press conference Wednesday night.