Oklahoma road crew paints over roadkill in middle of city street

Residents along a stretch of roadway in Tulsa, Oklahoma were left in shock Tuesday after work crews painted over roadkill in the middle of the street.

One family said in an interview with FOX 23 News they witnessed the city crews reapplying the double yellow line on the middle of the four-lane road, and wondered at the time if they would stop to remove the roadkill.

Instead, residents found animal carcasses in three spots with fresh yellow stripes through them.

The city of Tulsa told FOX 23 News in a statement the street crews did paint over the roadkill, but only because the striping truck only noticed the carcasses once it was too late. The traditional process however is to pick up anything in the street that does not allow for the solid line to be painted properly.

In response to the story by FOX 23 News, city officials sent crews back out to pick up all the roadkill that was painted over, and make corrections in spots where animals were painted instead of the road's surface.

One resident who has lived in the area for 40 years told FOX 23 the area deals with so much roadkill of wild and domesticated animals, he's not surprised that more weren't painted over.

"If the stripers stopped to pick up the roadkill on this road, there wouldn't be any striping done," Loren Lewis told the television station.

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