An Oklahoma man told police that he used a golf club on an intruder after the suspect broke through the front door of the home and assaulted two people inside, a report said.

Franklin Markwardt

Fox 23, citing police, reported that Franklin Markwardt was arrested at the scene after a brief struggle with officers in Brokenarrow. He is facing charges for first-degree burglary, assault and resisting arrest, the report said.

The scene on Monday was reportedly chaotic. Markwardt was reportedly passed out on another lawn and was confronted by the man. The report said Markwardt allegedly charged at the man and broke down the door of the house. He allegedly assaulted two people inside and then was hit by the club.


"If you break into someone’s house, you don’t know if they are armed with a golf club or a firearm, and this is Oklahoma, there is a lot of firearms," Chris Walker, a member of the Broken Arrow Police Department, told KFOR.