Ohio State course to teach how to identify microaggressions, privilege

Ohio State University will be offering a new course in the spring semester that will focus on how to “identify microaggressions” and “systems of power and privilege,” The College Fix reported.

The syllabus says the class will offer insight into developing “an understanding of major social justice concepts.”

The course literature includes a reading list with works such as, “Waking up White: What it means to accept your legacy, for better and worse,” and “Readings for diversity and social justice.”

According the syllabus, the class will “grasp their role within greater society and how they can work to create social justice.”

“Students will learn to value their own self-identity and the identities of others different from them,” the syllabus also added.

The “Crossing identity boundaries: A journey towards intercultural leadership” course meets a mandatory diversity and General Education requirement for the University.

The goal of the course is to offer an “intellectual and experiential engagement” on issues within “different social and cultural groups.”

Alyssa Madruga is a news editor for FoxNews.com. Follow her on Twitter @AlyssaMadruga.