Ohio school sends kindergartner home over mohawk haircut

An Ohio kindergartner was forced to stay home from class after a school district said he couldn’t attend – because of his mohawk haircut.

Officials from the Clark Shawnee School District in Springfield, Ohio, sent 5-year-old Ethan Clos home on Wednesday, saying his haircut was a disturbance to teachers and students in the classroom, WHIO TV 7 reports.

Superintendent Gregg Morris said the mohawk haircut violated district rules on dress and grooming that is disruptive to the education process.

Clos’ mom, Keshia Castle, told WHIO TV 7 that her son got the haircut because he thought it was “cool,” adding that other students were interested in it after his class returned from spring break.

Clos will return to school Monday with a shaved head.

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