Ohio school district mulls giving teachers access to guns

A small Ohio board of education is weighing new school security measures that could give teachers and staff access to loaded guns.

The Dayton Daily News reported Sunday that the Riverside Local School board in central Ohio's Logan County has held recent discussions on placing guns in schools and plans to revisit the issue Dec. 16. Superintendent Scott Mann said the goal is to protect children from potential threats involving weapons.

“If people know you are protected and that can help us a little bit more, I’m all for it,” said Mann, who oversees eight schools. “Just to reiterate -- it’s going to be a community decision.”

Mann told the paper he opposes having teachers carrying guns in the classroom, but does favor placing guns in locked boxes in schools.

He said that is what another Ohio school district, Sidney City Schools, has been doing.

Sidney placed loaded guns in 30 lock boxes in strategic locations in its seven school buildings. The boxes can only be opened by a fingerprint sensor.

The guns are accessible by 34 staff members and security officers trained to respond to an active shooter situation.

“If a shooting can take place in an Amish school in Pennsylvania, it can happen here in Sidney or any other place,” Sidney Superintendent John Scheu told the News.

Mann said the school board would hold community forums to take public comment if the issue advances.