The parents of a Cleveland boy have pleaded guilty to hog-tying and duct-taping him to a coffee table on a nightly basis for months.

Thirty-seven-year-old Andreia Huffman and 32-year-old Jason Dunikowski of Cleveland pleaded guilty Monday to a 196-count indictment. Charges include 180 kidnapping counts, child endangering and, against the mother, felonious assault.

The prosecutor has recommended a 17-year sentence for the mother and 15 years for the father.

Along with the nightly confinement, the couple admitted punishing the 8-year-old boy for six months by forcing him to stand all day facing a wall and smacking the back of his head until his nose broke.

His 15-year-old brother called police in April.

Messages seeking comment were left Monday with the couple's attorneys.