Officer tells black driver in video: 'I don't care about your people'; police investigating

Police near Atlanta are investigating a recorded encounter in which an officer tells a black motorist that he doesn't care about "your people."

Dashcam video shows a Nov. 16 traffic stop northwest of Atlanta, in Cobb County.

The Cobb County officer can be heard telling the motorist "I don't care about your people" after issuing traffic citations. The officer also tells the man, "Leave. Go away. Go to Fulton County." Atlanta is in Fulton County.

A lawyer for the driver, 33-year-old teacher Brian Baker, says the comments were racial references because her client is black. She says that if a lawyer or teacher made the comments, that person would be fired — and the officer should be, too.

Cobb County police haven't identified the officer. Sgt. Dana Pierce says he can't comment because of the investigation.