NYC teacher accused of being 'sugar daddy' to teen girl student, giving her cash for sex

A New York City high school teacher had illicit sex with a 17-year-old student after becoming her “sugar daddy” and showering her with gifts, cash and a taxpayer-funded no-show job, the New York Post reports.

Spanish teacher Martin Howfield, 56, who is also a lawyer, was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the student last year at North Queens Community High School, the paper reported Saturday. The school offers students in danger of flunking out a last chance to graduate.

As part of the scheme, Howfield was accused of arranging a $2,000 paid internship for the girl in his law office through a NYC Department of Education work-study program, but her only duties consisted of performing sexual favors, according to the paper.

The Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation, which investigates alleged wrongdoing at New York City public schools, conducted the investigation and found that Howfield approached the student at the school and “asked whether he could be her sugar daddy,” the paper reported.

He agreed to pay her $300 a month and “asked what she would do for the money,” the paper reported.

She offered to have sex with him, the student told investigators, according to the paper.

The Post reported that the investigation found that Howfield asked the girl to send him nude photos of herself which she did.

She told investigators that Howfield took her shopping at a mall, the paper reported. He was accused of buying her two pairs of expensive sneakers and panties from Victoria’s Secret.

At first, the student told police and school investigators that Howfield only fondled her beneath her clothing, the paper reported. Later, she admitted to the investigators that she had intercourse and oral sex with the teacher in his car after the shopping trips.

The student’s mother told a detective that her daughter texted her she went to the mall with her ‘sugar daddy, Marty,” who gave her money, according to the paper.

The Post reported that the investigation also revealed that Howfield asked the student to set him up with another girl.

That girl, a 17-year-old former student, said Howfield had her engage in phone sex with him and sent her a naked photo of himself, according to the paper.

Howfield was supposed to give her money for the phone sex but never did, she told the investigators.

Howfield declined to speak to investigators. He did not return messages from the Post.

The paper reported that Howfield quit his $85,000 job in November 2016 shortly after the investigation was completed.

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