NYC subway workers handing out bloody MetroCards in subway safety campaign

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The union for New York City subway workers is handing out bloody MetroCards to riders in a shock campaign pushing for new safety regulations.

CBSNewYork reports the Transport Workers Union is using the so-called "Grim Reaper Cards" to spread the word about its ideas to make the trains safer after recent tragedies on the tracks.

“People are being traumatized, people are being injured,” Vice President for Rapid Transit Operations Kevin Harrington told CBSNewYork. “We as a union , my officers and I, felt we had to intervene.”

The union is advocating for three changes: urging operators to slow down when entering stations, putting agents on crowded platforms and using an emergency switch to shut off power.

Their ideas are a counter-proposal to more high-tech and costly solutions being considered by the Metropolitan Transit Authority, such as building barriers between the tracks and the platforms.

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