North Carolina mom battles Facebook over child photo meant to mimic 'Coppertone' pose

A North Carolina mother and photographer was temporarily banned from Facebook after she posted a photo of her young daughter's exposed buttocks in what she claims was an innocent recreation of the famous "Coppertone girl" pose from 1953.

Jill White, a professional photographer from Hickory, N.C., said Facebook removed a photo of her daughter and temporarily banned her from the site after she posted a picture of her 2-year-old's bathing suit bottom being pulled down by her friend at the beach.

The photograph, White said, was intended to recreate the original 1953 Coppertone ad showing a young girl's bathing suit being pulled down by a small dog, exposing her backside and showing her tan line. White had posted the photo to Coppertone's official Facebook page on June 30.

Facebook, however, flagged the photo three hours later and claimed it violated the social media site's standard on "nudity and pornography."

"I was completely shocked and outraged," White, a mother of six, told "Nowhere did I see anything pornographic about this photo. There is nothing sexual about it. It's sweet."

White said her daughter was playing on the beach when her friend playfully pulled down the girl's suit from behind.

"We didn't stage the photo," White said. "When we looked at it later, her tan line reminded us so much of the famous Coppertone ad."

"We posted it to Coppertone's Facebook page," she said. "And they had the right to take it down but they didn't."

"We thought it would be cute because of the old Coppertone ad and how much her tan line looked like that," White said.

Facebook gave White the option to delete the photo or change her privacy settings, but she chose to ignore the notice, according to WBTV, which first ran the story.

After White chose to keep the photo up, Facebook banned her from the site for 24 hours.

"If I post the photo again, they will deactivate my account," she told

Facebook policy states that the site can "remove content that violates our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. If we determine you've posted something that violates our terms, you may receive a warning or become disabled, depending on how severe the violation is."

Since 1953, the Coppertone logo has undergone several recreations. The latest ad shows the "Coppertone girl" fully clothed with a small dog tugging at her blue bathing suit from behind.

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