No injuries reported after pipeline explosion in Missouri

There were no reported injuries after a pipeline exploded into a bright fireball Tuesday night in Missouri.

The explosion occurred in the middle of a rural field in Platte County at around 6:30 p.m. The flames shot up into the sky creating a bright spectacle. The flames were seen as far as a mile away.

Rick Rainey, vice president of public relations for Enterprise Products Partners, told Fox 4 KC that the explosion was isolated and workers responded to the scene and initiated emergency protocol. The area in Platte County where the explosion occurred didn’t have any homes or structures around it.

"We are just trying to keep the area contained, we are trying to have a perimeter set up, directing traffic to allow the fire crews to do what they need to do, have the gas company get in and get the pipeline shut down and access for damages and repairs," Platte County Sergeant Jeffrey Shanks said.

Residents who saw the flames shoot up into the sky wondered what was happening. Jennifer Hill told the station that the flames were huge, but she was relieved to know that no evacuation order had been given.

Maj. Erik Holland said no one was in any real danger and the pipeline crews got the situation under control quickly.

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