NJ community's ‘Field of Dreams’ flag project honors fallen veterans

A New Jersey community is covering all the bases this Memorial Day, honoring US veterans from the area who gave their lives fighting for America.

According to Fox 29, a baseball field in Absecon, N.J., is being covered with thousands of American flags, part of a project sponsored by the nonprofit Field of Dreams, a baseball park that gives physically and mentally challenged youngsters an opportunity to be part of a team by playing sports as their families and friends cheer them on.

"We started in the corner. The first 10 flags looked like a pretty daunting task, but then as the community got together and everybody came out it's pretty awesome," Ken Adams told Fox 29.

"I brought my whole family out the first night and we've been out ever since and it's looking great," said Adams, as he worked to place some of the 15,433 flags that will be planted in the stadium outfield.

The flags -- dubbed the "Missing Dreams Project" -- symbolize veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't get to live out their full dreams.

According to the Field of Dreams website, the project was enacted to demonstrate the scope of the sacrifices and to offer a profound sense of respect for the men and women who have served this country. Starting May 15, 1,000 flags were being placed on the field each day until Memorial Day, May 25, when the final flags will be placed in the ground.

Flags have been put in place by team members, families, civic groups, students and veterans organizations, with a total of 15,433 flags – each symbolizing a veteran who never realized their dreams, on display for citizens who wish to pay their respects.

"In New Jersey we came up with the number of 15,433 men and women who have given their lives for the country," said Field of Dreams board member John Glassey.

"We've taken the battles and those killed in action for all of the wars of the United States since the founding of the Republic. The War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan. All of the wars," Glassey told Fox 29.

A Memorial Day ceremony is planned at the Field of Dreams, and the flags will remain on the field until the following Thursday.

Adams says helping to plant the more than 15,000 flags is a small sacrifice. 

"I think it will be an honor to see the veterans out here and to be able to shake their hands and tell them how much we appreciate what they did for us. That's the satisfaction of it," he said.

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