For one veteran newspaper carrier, it started out like any other early morning until he saw something suspicious in the snow.

"I noticed footprints that were going to vehicles in driveways," newspaper carrier, Mike Thompson said, MyFoxDetroit reports.

As Thompson kept making deliveries in the Rochester, Mich. neighborhood, he noticed "they were getting fresher, and as they started getting fresher, I started scratching my head and kind of thinking there's something going on here."

He called police, who responded right away. Officers followed the footprints to a house where they had started. There police busted a 16 and 17-year-old they believe are responsible for breaking into several unlocked cars, one after another.

The police said they found some of the stolen loot, including cash, designer sunglasses and phone chargers, inside the house.

Police said this isn't the first time Mike Thompson or other newspaper or mail carriers have helped them solve crimes. They are in their respective neighborhoods every single day seeing and hearing things most people don't notice.

"You're out here for three years like I have (been), you just notice everything that's out of place," Thompson said.

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