JULY SALES: U.S. car and truck sales rose 9 percent from last July to 1.15 million. Zero-percent financing deals and low interest rates helped lure some buyers who were otherwise worried about the economy.

WINNERS AND LOSERS: Honda's sales were up 45 percent and Toyota's were up 26 percent from last July, when their supplies were hurt by the earthquake in Japan. They gained back share from General Motors, whose sales fell 6 percent, and Ford, whose sales were down 4 percent. Nissan, Volkswagen and Chrysler all saw double-digit gains for the month. Hyundai was up 4 percent.

WHAT'S NEXT: Some analysts are lowering their sales forecasts for the year as the pace of sales has slowed since spring. But 2012 sales are still expected to top 2011 sales.