A thief boosted a bakery truck on the Upper East Side Monday – but instead of selling the $60,000 ride, he dutifully made the regularly scheduled dropoffs along the driver’s route, police sources told the Post.

Wearing only his underwear, David Bastar, 30, of Nanuet stole a Grimaldi’s Home of Bread truck — full of $8,000 worth of baguettes, whole-wheat rolls and loaves of sourdough — on Second Avenue near East 99th Street at around 3 a.m., police said.

He then followed instructions mapped out on a piece of paper on the front seat, parceling out the baked goods to at least three restaurants and stores, police and bakery workers said.

"When I heard he actually made a few deliveries, I laughed out loud . . . I guess he really wants to be a truck driver!" a real Grimaldi’s deliveryman said.

Once he was done making real drop-offs, Bastar tossed loaves of bread out the window while zooming down Lexington Avenue, police sources said.

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