New York Good Samaritans take alleged drunken driver off the road

Three drivers are being hailed as heroes for preventing an alleged drunken driver from continuing on his ride along an upstate highway after they say they watched him veer in and out of lanes and even run into a tractor-trailer, reported.

Brianna Cole, one of the drivers who jumped into action, told the station that she was afraid the swerving car was going to eventually kill someone. Another motorist said he initially thought the driver of the swerving vehicle was having a medical emergency.

Josh Kuba said he pulled his truck in front of the reckless car at an exit along Interstate 390 in Avon, N.Y., and got into a fender bender. That was when two other cars boxed in the car and waited for police.

"They felt that this guy was putting everybody in danger, and they didn't have time for the police to arrive," Livingston County Sheriff Tom Dougherty told the station.

The accused drunken driver was identified by police as Paul Kostraba. Police say the 48-year-old appeared “highly intoxicated,” but refused to take a Breathalyzer.

He was charged with DWI and other charges, the station reported.