New York couple, 85, to remarry after 48-year divorce

The writer John Steinbeck once wrote to his young son Thom who found himself smitten over a girl in his class to not worry about losing because “nothing good gets away.”

Apparently in some cases, even if it takes half a century to be reunited.


Lena Henderson and Roland Davis got married in Chattanooga, Tenn., while they were still teenagers in 1964. They had four children during that time, but later divorced.

All these years, the two remained on good terms. Davis remarried and Henderson would even give his new wife pointers on how to deal with him.

"I was an important guy," Davis jokingly told the paper.

Life, as it always does, had a way of going on.

Henderson moved to West Seneca, N.Y., 30 years ago. Davis, a military retiree, was living alone in Colorado after his previous wife died several months ago. During a recent telephone conversation with Henderson, he proposed to her, and she said yes.

"The way they would act to each other never indicated there was anything but a friendship between them," Renita Chadwick, their youngest daughter, told The Buffalo News. "My mother never had a harsh or contrary word to say about my Dad, and my Dad never had anything but loving remarks to make about my mother."

The wedding is scheduled for Saturday. Henderson will wear a blue dress and Davis a black tuxedo. Like couples at any age, they look at the marriage as a fulfillment of a dream.

"I always thought it might happen," Davis told The Buffalo News. "It was always in the back of my mind."

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