The only female pedicab driver in the city and her customers have been repeatedly harassed by a mob of sexist rickshaw pedalers who want her off the road, The Post has learned.

Helen David, 35, of Brooklyn has gone to the police and called 311 to report harassment by a group of pedicabbies in Columbus Circle who have licenses from Mali and Senegal. She says they constantly bully her.

“I am being targeted because I am a woman,” she said. “They tell you we’ll f- -- you up for being a woman. They are telling me it’s a haram, a sin, for me to be riding a pedicab. In their country, women are not allowed to be out.”

When tourists approach her for rides in Central Park, David said, the mob descends and urges them to take their cabs instead and tries to undercut her prices.

“I’ll talk to a customer, and they surround me,” David said. “They curse the customer out for going to me when they offer discounts.”

David is popular with tourist because she is well read on Central Park’s history and her English is better than other pedicabbies’.

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