NEW YORK -- New York City police were grilling a Manhattan mother Saturday over the grisly murder of her teen son, authorities said.

Sean Hines, 18, was fatally stabbed in the leg in his family’s apartment in a city-run Upper West Side housing project at around 10:50pm Friday night, cops said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cops say Hines' mom is a person of interest and the two have had domestic run-ins the past. The teen's stepfather is also being questioned over his death.

One neighbor said Hines’ mother, 52, ran from the apartment and said her daughter spotted the mom running down the stairs with blood all over her.

“She gutted him like a fish,” the neighbor said.

Mother and son got into a vicious fight over the summer in which she accused her boy of smashing her in the head with a hammer, while Hines claimed his mom was the aggressor, attacking him and scratching his face. Both were arrested in the June 10 incident, Hines for second-degree felony assault and his mother, whom police have not identified, with misdemeanor assault.

But the older woman denied killing her son, neighbors said, screaming as she was taken in to custody: "That’s my last son!” and “My husband did that. I didn’t do nothing. He killed my son!”
Another neighbor said Hines was no troublemaker.

"Sean really was a great kid," a resident who gave her name as "Miss Hazel" said. "We are going to take a collection up so we can bury that child."

Neither parent has been charged.

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