New Law Would Allow Texas Teachers to View Students' Criminal Records

A bill on the Texas governor’s desk would allow teachers to view the criminal history of their students, reported.

The “Teacher Protection Bill” would allow teachers to unseal juvenile records, which had previously been protected under state law, the station reported.

"I've seen the list of things our kids are on probation for, things like aggravated sexual assault,” Gayle Fallon, president of the Houston Federation of Teachers, told the station. “That's not a child I want a teacher not knowing about.”

The "Teacher Protection Bill" passed just before the Texas Legislature closed its session in May, the Lewisville Leader reported. Now it must be signed by Gov. Rick Perry.

Opponents of the bill say if passed, it would infringe on the students' right to privacy.

"The problem comes when we start giving notice of an arrest,” Chris Tritico, the station’s legal analyst said. “Now every time a child has any accusation, he hasn't even been found guilty or to be a delinquent. Now we're telling all teachers and superintendents that this guy is a criminal and going through the process.”