New Ebook Allows Readers to Explore the New World Trade Center Site

On the 10th anniversary of the Sept.11 terror attacks, the national memorial to commemorate that day will open its doors. It is the first new construction on the 16-acre World Trade Center site.

To mark that day Fox News has teamed with Harper Collins Publishers to bring you the “Rise of Freedom” series in a fascinating new medium.

The electronic book is nothing new, but the EEB, or enhanced electronic book is all new.

On Tuesday, Aug. 23, the digital-only enhanced e-book, RISE OF FREEDOM: The New World Trade Center will be released.

It is the modern twist on the good old fashioned coffee table book and something you can enjoy again and again.

The book combines video segments from the Fox Report series, wonderful photos and the written word.

Beyond the 9/11 Memorial, it will allow users to explore all aspects of the new World Trade Center site, including building details, the construction process and timeline, and the individuals and organizations that made the rebuilding effort possible.

This multimedia experience is over a year in the making.

Since the spring of 2010 Fox News producers and reporters have been at the site watching it all unfold. With hundreds of hours spent at the World Trade Center our journalists have been given remarkable access to one of the most complex construction projects ever. It is a monumental task -- to rebuild vital real estate and build a fitting memorial to those killed.

And now nearly a decade later what will be there is taking shape and RISE OF FREEDOM: The New World Trade Center is a magical new way to experience this story.

It is available everywhere enhance e-books are sold, including Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and Amazon.