New Details on Murder in the Air

Investigators are pouring over the background of Andreas Lubitz today., who locked himself inside the cockpit of that Germanwings Airbus crash and purposely crashed the plane in the French Alps killing 150 (including himself). Apparently he’d been known to have mental problems. We’ve got Fox team coverage and in-depth analysis.

Saudi Arabia along with 10 other nations intensified airstrikes on Houthi rebels in Yemen who’ve nearly taken over Yemen and plunged the country further into chaos. It’s a new front in the wider Sunni and Shi’ites war. Conor Powell reporting.

Negotiations with Iran continue in Switzerland today.

Howard Kurtz reporting on Hillary Clinton today.  

The Senate was busy overnight! After 3 AM they passed a balanced budget that hacks spending and doesn’t raise taxes. It echoes similar budget legislation passed by the House earlier this week. It cuts health care and safety net spending. The House and Senate will negotiate on a compromise budget after their Spring recess. President Obama is likely to veto the budget as it stands now.

The Senate also punted on final passage of the so-called doc fix. If the Senate passes a version similar to one passed by the House earlier this week, it would fix a problem that’s been plaguing Medicare since 1997.

Harry Reid will not seek re-election. Pretty big loss for the Democrats.

We get 4th quarter GDP numbers today which should give us a good idea of how much the economy slowed from the tough winter we just survived! Oil prices up every day this week.. partly on concerns over fighting in the Middle East.

American Airlines and U.S. Airways complete the merger of their frequent flyer programs this weekend. It’s a key step in their merger creating the world’s biggest airline.

A building in New York’s East Village exploded in flames yesterday. Officials are blaming plumbing and gas line work. 19 were injured.   

An important space mission launches today. U.S. Astronaut and a Russian Cosmonaut launch today from Kazakhstan on a never been done before mission.. they’ll both live in space for one year to test the limits of the human body in zero gravity. Phil Keating reporting.