New 911 dispatcher walks Utah couple through delivering baby on interstate, helping it breathe

A Utah couple welcomed their fourth child into the world on the side of Interstate 15, coached through the delivery by a 911 dispatch operator.

KUTV-TV reports ( ) Kristin Allred of Eagle Mountain gave birth to her 8.4-pound baby girl, Anne, in the family truck. She says she and her husband were about 6 miles from the hospital when her body told her she needed to push, but the baby came out with the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck.

Her husband, Shay, had called 911. Dispatcher William Kalaher was able to walk the couple through helping the baby breathe. Paramedic arrived about five minutes later.

Kalaher is new to the job and started taking solo calls just a couple of weeks ago. He says the first thing he did after the delivery was call his mom.


Information from: KUTV-TV,