Neighbor: Cops took man linked to slain couple

A man who recently moved in with a couple whose decapitated bodies were discovered floating miles away in Detroit was removed from the home by police, neighbors said Friday.

Investigators refused to discuss the case until a news conference Friday afternoon. But neighbors who live across the street from the victims, Chris Hall and Danielle Greenway, said the man emptied his pockets Thursday before being placed in a police car.

Two bodies with no feet, heads or hands were found Tuesday in the Detroit River and a canal that feeds the river.

"It makes my heart drop," said neighbor Samantha Dolliver, 27. "They were the sweetest people. It hasn't hit me yet. But when it does, I'm going to barricade myself in a room with a pillow and cry. ... They were human beings, not a piece of scrap metal."

Hall, 42, and Greenway, 32, were engaged to be married, Dolliver said.

She said a man described to her as Greenway's friend moved in about three weeks ago in Allen Park, a small working-class suburb south of Detroit.

Police on Friday stretched yellow tape around the property while a state police evidence technician, wearing gloves and foot protection, went in and out of the house. A boat was parked in the driveway.

Dolliver said Hall's sister was searching for the couple Wednesday and pounded on the door to get access. She had no luck.

"She said she had a feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was wrong," Dolliver said.

Dolliver's father, Richard, said Hall was an electrician and Greenway worked for a cleaning service. He last saw the couple about a week ago.

"She made us cookies and banana-nut bread all the time," he said of Greenway.