They heard screams at 7th and I Street in Northwest D.C. What those working nearby heard was the aftermath of a stabbing at 9:30 a.m.

The victim was a young woman on her way to an internship at National Public Radio.

"The victim was soaked in blood,” said Patrick Cuffe. “When I saw her first, I noticed she had a white top and as I looked at her, it just instantly turned red."

Another witness described how strangers helped the victim too.

"We got some paper towels for her and put pressure on the wound, kept talking to her. She was shaken up. She just had a stunned look on her face," said the witness.

Witnesses say the suspect dropped the knife, picked up her high-heel that had slipped off her foot and started heading up 7th Street.

"Everybody was kind of getting out of her way. No one was making an indication to stop her," said Cuffe.

He was working in a building nearby. He was worried somebody else would get hurt, so he ran across the street.

"At that point, I just jumped her and tackled her down to the ground and sat on her until the police came,” said Cuffe.

Minutes later, police were on the scene. Chief Cathy Lanier praised the citizens who helped.

"For the good Samaritans to do what they did, hats off to them,” said D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier. “[It was] really good that they were here and they jumped in and tried to help, not only the victim of the stabbing, but also to stop the suspect from fleeing the scene."

"The times we're living in, all citizens need to be concerned about each other. It's not about praises. You have to be able to help about all times. I have two kids. I have sisters. I wouldn't want them to be in a situation where something happened and no one comes to your rescue," said Cuffe.

National Public Radio released the following statement Wednesday:

"An NPR intern was attacked this morning at 7th and I Street on the way to work. The intern was aided by people on the scene, and is reported to be in stable condition at an area hospital. The entire staff is shocked and deeply concerned, and we are maintaining close contact with the family."

Police arrested 24-year-old Melodie Brevard of Southeast. She is charged with assault with intent to kill.

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