A naked woman was rescued earlier this week in the water three miles off the southern California coast under mysterious circumstances.

Kayakers heard the 28-year-old woman calling for help about 10 a.m. Sunday. They found her treading water off Newport Beach, according to The Los Angeles Times. She had been in the water about 16 hours.

The unidentified woman was alone without a boat, a flotation device or even a bathing suit, the paper reported.

“She was completely naked,” Sgt. D. J. Haledman of the Orange County Sheriff Sheriff’s Department Harbor Patrol told the Times.

The woman said she went for a swim Saturday about 5:30 p.m. and got caught in a rip current.

The woman told deputies she discarded her bathing suit at some point while she was in the ocean “so it wouldn’t restrict her in her abilities to swim,” Haldeman told the Times.

She didn’t appear to be suffering from hypothermia, the paper said. The Orange County Register reported she was taken to the hospital suffering from dehydration.

Officials say no lifeguards saw her on the beach. The Fire Department couldn’t find belongings she said she left on the beach.

Newport lifeguard David Pratt told the Times it would be impossible for a rip current to pull the woman three miles into the ocean.